« Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world », Mandela.🙏💜

This last Tuesday, the Justin Eco-Foundation team distributed to the remote Kalka Lower Secondary School (20 kilometres from the centre of Kathmandu), things they thought the children would want: 54 school bags, books and stationery items, first aid kit and lots, lots of smiles.
There was much joy, laughter and emotions.

Our first project was a complete success : a child’s smile is the most rewarding feeling in the world… Although we are a very young organisation, we want to carry a positive message to the world.

After a traditional Nepalese welcome, we were invited to drink tea and to discuss our organization with the headmaster. We wish to work more with Kalka Lower Secondary School where we had such a positive day of activity and bring them resources they might need. We wish to send some volunteers to teach English and IT subjects in the future so that they can also share in the happiness that this outreach project gives.


Once gifts had been distributed, the kids sang us the Nepalese national anthem, playing with our volunteers, counting every conceivable number and recited the alphabet forward and backwards…
One of our traveler confessed he haven’t played this way, not since 10 years.

From the bottom of our heart, we would like to thank each volunteer who contributed to making this day happen. Thanks for beautiful smiles, good vibes, healthy support and kind donations.
A special thank you to Cassandra M. and Katie G. : for their special generosity, they made our first dream plan happen.
Special thanks to the Kalka Lower Secondary School for their support and collaboration with us and all the schoolchildren of their etiquette and zeal.

In the words of co-founder Bishal, “the children are the future of this country, and if want a bright strong future let’s Be kind and do epic things ! ».

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