Mission in the Terai district, part 1

How to describe this mission, where to begin… How to explain all the feelings, the tears of joy, of sadness sometimes, the laughters, the unforgettable moments of sharing, the excitement and discouragement, the stress and relief…

We had to rest a few days to digest this incredible experience, and still, the words don’t come out easily.

Wednesday 24th of July, 5am: we are ready to leave for a long motorbike trip to Janakpur -south of Nepal, 12 kilometres from the Indian border. It is the biggest city of the Terai Districts, and this is where we have to go to get the supplies and fill out all the paperwork required. It is also one of the very much impacted area of the floods…
After a first prospection the week before, we know where to go.

Before we leave, the “tika” ceremony is made, for good luck and prosperity.
It is time to jump on our motorbikes, not without apprehension, especially for one bike-phobic member in the team (guess who).

Despite the rain, no major incident is to deplore. On the way, we decide to take a break, and spot a group of kids playing football. We join them, and share together the first magical moment of our mission. The kids (and the big kids) are smiling and laughing: nothing but happiness.

We arrive in Janakpur at the end of the day, achy, under a tough heat. It is too late to do the administrative work, so we choose instead to buy everything we need for the following day (food, medicine to distribute to the village), while visiting Janakpur.

The team has an early night: tired, we need all of our strenghts for the mission to come the next day…

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