“Be kind and do epic shit”. Superman, alias Justin Alexander.


Selfie, Justin Alexander

Justin is a true superhero. A Superman. A Superman who dedicated his life to inspire and help other people.

Justin was in a constant search for something else in this world. He was in search of a meaningful life, new adventures, incredible discoveries, the truth, and, above all, in search of what is righteous on this earth.

Justin – a pure combination of Indiana Jones’ adventurous spirit mixed with David Beckham’s looks – is from the US but is at home everywhere on this planet. Driven by a caring heart, he has made a significant impact on every soul he has met in his journey.

He has helped people to see a better version of themselves, by inspiring them to be brave enough to face their fears and to live life to the fullest.

He was open-minded, accepting and cherishing others as they are.

Until his disappearance in September 2016 (on a spiritual journey in the Parvati Valley, north of India) Justin was motivated by his own mantra “Be kind and do epic shit”.

Justin always had a deep attachment for Nepal – one of his favorite places on earth.

Justin met Bishal during his first visit in Nepal back in 2006. Justin, dressed in a Superman T-shirt, first saw Bishal – disguised as Spiderman – in the streets of Kathmandu.

For these two superheroes the bond of brotherhood was immediate. While Bishal was still in his teens Justin took him under his wing – supporting him in difficult moments, guiding him, and giving him advice as a big brother would do.

Justin came back to Nepal 10 years later – just afer the earthquake – to help and support the communities in need. He created a school reconstruction project in a devastated village located a few miles away from the epicentre of the earthquake.

Photo by Justin Alexander
Photo by Justin Alexander

He has always been committed to helping others, in particular: homeless people, vulnerable children, the abused or exploited.

Thanks to his big brother, Bishal found his true place in this world.

To open the “Justin Eco Foundation” is not only a way for Bishal to honor the memory of his missing brother, but also a way of extending the reconstruction and aid projects that Justin has started but could not finish.

It is also a way for all of us to keep the memory of this extraordinary man alive. A truly inspiring and passionate adventurer who fought against all odds to pursue his dreams and his convictions and who sacrified his life for his quest.

A man who has helped a lot of people and who is still doing it from where he is today…

Photo by Justin Alexander

We all need a superhero like Justin in our lives to show us the way and to make the world a brighter and better place.

In this world – both Nepal and elsewhere – we all need a Superman to remind us to “Be kind, and do… epic things!”.