बिद्या नै धन हो! Bidhya Nai Dhan Ho. Education is wealth. (Nepali proverb)

There are 11.5 million children in Nepal. Out of them, 1,000,000 are orphans.

We want to create a place that every broken soul could call “home”.

Photo by Justin Alexander

A place where orphans and street children would be reunited and ready to build their own family, a family full of love.

A place where isolated and rejected elders or disabled people could find love and care back in their lives.

A home, a shelter, a roof: a place where there is nothing but love.

Where everyone can find everything they need…

  • A school with easy access to a sustainable quality education. More than just a typical “school”, our place will give the opportunity for children to learn more than the traditional school subjects. We want to provide them a glance of the world they live in by including the arts, music, languages, religion, different cultures and habits from all around the world, as well as life skills such as gardening, sewing and cooking. The most important thing will be to give them important human values with a strong sense of community. We want our children to be the leaders and the teachers of tomorrow so they can contribute themselves to a positive, caring and sustainable development of Nepal.

Photo by Justin Alexander
  • A health clinic with qualified staff to provide any medical care that orphans, elders or disabled people would ever need. Health and quality of care is still a huge challenge in Nepal, especially in remote places. We will emphasize our work on prevention and good habits through education to reduce any health issues. We want to fight suicide and mental health issues also. Today, suicide is the number one killer of girls in Nepal, lead by mental issues, distress and depression. It is not acceptable in this world – Nepal or anywhere else – to let our children take their own lives. It is tragic.

  • A home for volunteers and travellers who wish to contribute to this ever-growing project. A home away from home for the time they are available.

    As travellers, we know how hard it is to feel “grounded” and to find a sense of meaning in our journey around the world. More than a welcoming house, we want to provide a place of answers for our fellow travellers.

  • A location ideally situated nearby Kathmandu, outside the ring road, which is easily accessible and where there are so many people in need. A quiet place, with a good environment, a beautiful landscape and with as little pollution as possible.

  • A big land, where we are going to build a 100% environmentally sustainable food garden, so people will never lack food anymore. We also want to host plenty of animals: we believe animals are a source of unconditional love, especially for lost people. Animals have so many things to teach children.

Photo by Justin Alexander

Nowadays, in Nepal, there are still so many orphans, children, women and elderly people wandering the streets that need help. So many of them have been abandoned by their families, so many have been lost during the earthquake and so many had to endure the suicide of their desperate family members.

So many of them have to struggle to find food, to find clothes, to find a safe shelter. Too many of them have to face abuse, exploitation, humiliation, diseases, hunger and difficult climatic conditions to survive.

We won’t stop our fight until there is no lost soul without love left in the street.