आए बाउको गए सासु को Aaye baau ko, gaye sahu ko. Taking a chance. (Nepali proverb)

Just as Beyoncé says, we do believe that girls run the world. Well, we at least do believe in a higher equality between men and women. One of our key projects would empower Nepalese women and make them more aware of their rights and of their strengths as a citizen of Nepal.

Photo by Justin Alexander

So many women in Nepal struggle to live day to day. For their own survival and the well-being of their family, they have to do very intensive and painful physical employment: farm work, breaking and carrying stones, etc… without ever complaining.

Photo by Justin Alexander

In addition to their hard work, the status of a woman in Nepal is still controversial nowadays.

In fact, in some rural villages, 15 year old girls – and even some aged below – are still forced to be married, destined to do household chores at the expense of a proper school education which is key to a better future.

We do believe that education, especially women’s education, is the main way to end the poverty cycle. It would allow many young girls to hope for a better life, or at least, the choice to choose their own path. School promotes gender equality and delays the age of marriage and early child birth. Women would be more aware of their rights and less vulnerable to domestic violence, abuse and exploitation. Edcuation would also reduce the rates of HIV, maternal death and suicide – mainly caused by mental distress due to an early and forced marriage.

Our dream, with Justin’s Eco-Foundation, is to provide a good education for all young girls and also to empower women so they can sustain and take the control of their lives. We will hold classes covering a range of topics such as:

  • their civil rights and working conditions: right to vote, how to set up a business, how to register a birth, etc…
  • about feminine hygiene and menstruations: a lot of women still don’t have access to decent protection during their periods.
  • about parenting, family and health issues: bring awareness about sexual diseases, malnutrition, water treatment, basics of hygiene, alcoholism, domestic violence, etc.
  • about self-confidence and entrepreneurship: we want to empower them to be a leader, and above all to be the own leaders of their lives.

To achieve our goal, we will require the help of teachers, speakers, health specialists, and all powerful women to show them perspectives of other lives, and give them daily inspiration.

We want to create a space, a center where any woman could feel free to talk and to receive the help she needs.

Once again, a place of love, where every woman could find the light missing from their life.

No matter their age, their education, their villages or their castes: we will work and move forward together as one.

P.S.: Beyoncé, you are more than welcome if you want to come and give a speech!!!