सुभ राज्य भै राखेकोछ! Suva Rajya Bhai Rakhe ko Chha. Everything is good around. (Nepali proverb)

Anyone who has been to Kathmandu knows how difficult it can be to breathe fresh and clear air.

Besides the polluted atmosphere of the capital, Nepal has to face an extremely difficult situation regarding the protection of the environment. As a developing country, the main obstacles for an eco-friendly Nepal are overpopulation, deforestation, recycling problems, energy and species conservation threathened by constant pollution, habitat degradation and unsustainable harvesting.

The population is suffering from this pollution. The breathtaking landscapes of Nepal, its unique flora and fauna, and our biggest mountains in the world have to be protected.

We want to make the words “eco-friendly”, “renewable”, and “sustainable” normal in Nepal.

The “home of love” we are dreaming about, will fully integrate these concepts. We want to build a 100% sustainable and eco-friendly place by studying how to make the most of the alternative energies, renewable fabrics and energy sources that would preserve our beautiful planet. Solar panels and biogas will be our first source of energy to keep our beautiful residents warm.

The garden we want will be totally organic and full of healthy fruit and vegetables. We will not forget to put a compost and to raise an army of chickens willing to feed us daily with their yummy eggs!

Eco-friendly practices are one answer for the well-being of the local communities as well as for the well-being of our green earth.

Let’s make Nepal an innovative environmental place on Earth, as friendly as the Nepalese population!