सय को लाठि, एक को बोज! Saye Ko Laathi, Ek ko Bhoj. When everybody helps then work will be lighter. (Nepali proverb)

We are aware our dream would take more than a lifetime and is a never-ending project.

While we are launching the foundations of our dream, we will conduct various projects through Nepal, because there are so many people who need immediate help and love.

  • We have a project, either to build or to buy our own hostel, and to create a trekking company: the aim of it would be to have a regular and sustainable income, in addition to the kind donations, so we could finance and give life to our beautiful projects.


  • It is winter time in Nepal nowadays, with extremely hard climatic conditions, especially for homeless people and beggers who are struggling to survive. We want to provide them food, clothes and warm blankets: a little something that could warm up their hard lives.
Photo by Justin Alexander
  • The global warming is not going to wait for us: we want to do simple things like collecting rubbish and providing rubbish bins in remote areas. We are going to think about how we can improve the environmental awareness and the rubbish picking and recycling, pratically nonexistent in Nepal.

  • We will conduct a series of surveys through Nepal with targeted rural communities in different villages to see where we could be useful and what are the specific issues that we can solve. We want to go directly into the fields but also do “office research” through the internet, the government office, the metropolitan city, and thanks to our precious connections and contacts in Nepal.


  • We want to make people aware of the current situation in Nepal and encourage them to help if they are willing to. The first step is to make our organization popular: through media, social media, newspapers, by conducting speeches and workshops in various locations of the world. We have the chance to have beautiful friends and family all around the world that will certainly be our first support and our main spokespeople to make our dream comes true.