His motto? “Be always happy and spread your beautiful smile to the world”.

Bishal Kapali, 28 years old, was born in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, the playground of his childhood. Since he was a little kid, Bishal felt a deep connection to the world and to other people. He grew up with a dream: help whoever you can help, and light up the lives of all who cross your path.

During his adolescence, he used to bunk off school to spend his time in a nursing home. It’s from elderly people full of experiences that Bishal would draw life lessons and knowledge to become the man he is today.

The devastating earthquake that occured in 2015 in Nepal was a turning point in Bishal’s life. While he was working in the “Fireflies hostel” he himself created in Kathmandu, he had to put aside his life to dedicate himself to the emergency aid of others. Deprived of food and sleep, he fought for weeks to save as many lives as he could and brought comfort to his suffering and wounded people.

Thanks to the unfailing love and the trust of his many friends around the world, he recieved more than 300 messages of support and encouragement, and collected over US$20000 to be used for food, clothes and temporary housing for rural communities in the Kathmandu Valley, in Gurkha, Sindupalchok, etc in less than 15 days.

He subsequently collected, with the help of a friend, another US$3000 to run a project which aimed at repairing damaged pipes from the landslides caused by the earthquakes in order to give water back to rural communities most in need.

Bishal’s beautiful, welcoming smile and strong legs also brought him to every trek of Nepal and in a lot of countries throughout the world.

In June 2018, while he was living in New Zealand, he had to face death once again. Involved in a serious car accident, his life was turned upside down. His right leg, completely broken, forced him to remain bedridden for nearly 6 months. It was during that period that Bishal would remember his childhood dream: to open an orphanage and a nursing home in Nepal – his home country, his roots. To open a place where all deprived people, lacking love and in need, could gather and be happy together (orphans, the elderly, the disabled and the lonely) but also many volunteers and travellers from everywhere around the world, willing to help and to bring their love.

A place that all could call “home”. A place where all could always be happy, a place where all could spread their beautiful smiles to the world…