Her wish? A world where every child would be happy and free to dream.

Aurore Amil, for the French native speakers, Aurora for the rest of the speakers, “teacher Arora” for 98 Sri Lankan pupils, claims to be 20 years old, but is in reality 28.

She grew up in Brittany, one of the most beautiful areas of France. Her childhood was bathed in the travel stories of her Dad, a former sailor. She has, therefore, always dreamt of travels and faraway lands.

Her adventurous spirit and love for books and stories led Aurore to be a young child with a fertile imagination. She pictured herself being the actress of a world she would create according to her aspirations. A world without any violence or pollution. A world of peace, joy, and love – regardless of ethnic origin, language, religion and belief. A world where every other child her age wouldn’t grow up in the street – alone and helpless. A world where they could all find the way to a quality education, without ever being abused or exploited.

A world where every child would be as happy and free to dream as she was.

Always with the aim to understand the world around her, Aurore naturally studied foreign languages and civilisations. In her opinion, learning languages is a wonderful tool to communicate and link human beings together, wherever they are in the world. Also attracted by art and creativity, she chose to work for a few years in the decoration industry, picturing herself creating one day a beautiful place to bring people together.

In search for meaning in her life, Aurore resigned from her job in 2017, to fly to the other end of the world with no return ticket. After one year travelling and working in New Zealand, she embarked for the adventure she always wanted without realizing it: humanitarianism. Under the auspices of the UK charity Street Child, that aims to create educational opportunities for some of the most vulnerable children in Africa and Asia, she flew to the northern region of Sri Lanka, highly affected by the Sri Lankan civil war. During three months, she taught English to 98 pupils, aged from 5 to 10.

The best reward and the memory she will always remember? The smiles of these 98 children.

She continued her experience with Street Child of Nepal, at the end of November, in their main office in Kathmandu. Her time in Nepal would be a life-changing experience for Aurore: she fell in love for the country, the landscapes, the Nepali culture, the people, the smiles. It’s when she was walking in Thamel, the busy tourist street of Kathmandu, that she promised herself to do everything she could to help street children and Nepalese communities most in need. The empty look of a little girl begging in the street, sad and alone, will affect Aurore forever.

It is now the time for Aurore to create the world she has so long dreamed of: a world where every child would be as happy and free to dream as she is.