Dear friends and family from all around the world: we have BIG news to share. We went for a survey this morning (21st of June 2019) for our first project: building a sustainable and green school. We were wandering in Dahha chok, 45 minutes uphills from the centre of Kathmandu, talking to some people in a tea house about our project. All of the sudden, the owner told us he had a land in his village that he would be more than willing to sell us, so we can do good things for his community.

Today, the kids of his village have to walk more than 12 kilometres per day to go to school… Building a school there would provide these children for sure a better access to good education, while boosting the economy of the village.

He took us to that land: it was beyond our expectations.
We instantly fell in love with the land.

The land is big enough to build a decent school for the village (0.33 acres, 1 350 metres square), is close to an hospital and from the village, there is a lot of potential and LOOK at the view!
Our dream have a price, though: 190 000 US$ for that land.
We are aware it’s A LOT of money.
But we are not afraid to dream big: a child should never have to walk 12 kilometres per day to go to school, that is unacceptable.

Here what you can do to help us and to be a part of this project:
1. Make a donation on our website: every dollar counts and will be very much appreciated

2. Share as MUCH AS YOU CAN; share our posts on social media, our website, talk about it to EVERY PERSON you meet! If you even want to fundraise for us, you will be our hero!

3. Willing to build the school physically while discovering Nepal? We will welcome you arms opened!!!

We will build a wall in the school: give us a donation, and your name will be written on it!!!
The name of the school will be Justin Alexander school, in memory of our missing brother.

We need you people… Let’s bring some good changes in this planet, working together.
And always remember: “be kind, and do epic things!” Namaste!